Edge Apprenticeships

Edge Apprenticeships is a partnership project which we have helped to develop and launch.  The result of a meeting held by New Anglia LEP FFREB sub group in spring 2012 chaired by Martin, the project is designed to help find the next generation of skilled technicians and junior managers in agriculture.

Martin subsequently wrote the bid on behalf of a partnership led by farmer co-ops Anglia Farmers and Fram Farmers supported by Easton and Otley College, Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils.  The project was awarded £1.4m of Employer Ownership of Skills Funding in late autumn 2012 and was launched in Norwich in March 2013.  Martin continues to promote the project and is on the partnership group.

This ambitious project, which brought together a new partnership is the type of project which we like to be involved in.  It is focused on themes we are passionate about, the need to inspire the next generation, build broad partnership and to secure strategic funding to enable projects with sufficient scale to make a real impact to be delivered.

Full details on Edge Apprenticeships are on its website at: http://www.edgeapprenticeships.org/