In our work we are pleased to work with a wide range of progressive organisations and projects including:

  • Adapt Group at UEA - having helped establish the InCrops project in 2008 we are pleased to have seen it grow into the Adapt Group of companies and projects at UEA and we are currently supporting the group in launching the UK’s first specialist Venture Capital (VC) fund for Agricultural Technologies
  • Agri-Tech East - as part of the original steering group and now members we are delighted to see this cluster growing quickly to support the development of the Agri-tech sector in the East of England
  • Agri-Tech Water Cluster at UEA – we are working with UEA to bring together water expertise across the UEA to help develop new technology and connections with industry for the management of water in agriculture
  • All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Science and Technology in Agriculture – we attend this APPG to promote the role which modern science can play in promoting a progressive approach to agricultural productivity and sustainability –
  • British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO) – with whom we have worked to develop the scale and reach of their applied research programme –
  • Country Land and Business Association (CLA) – as corporate members of the CLA we work closely with the organisation to promote a progressive rural economy and Martin sits on the CLA national Agriculture and Land Use committee –
  • Edge Apprenticeships – for which we developed the successful bid for funding from the Growth and Innovation Fund – 
  • University of Lincoln – for whom we deliver a module on Food Policies and Markets to FD and BSc programmes –
  • Zoological Society of London – with whom we have worked to develop and run a two day international symposium and linked research agenda on the challenges of simultaneously meeting the challenge of food production whilst protecting biodiversity –

Our work has also led to the publication of the following strategies and plans in the last 2 years:

Our pedigree Shetland Sheep and Norfolk Horn flocks have their own website at: Tilney Shetlands  Lynn also breeds Labradors (working gundogs) which are detailed on the Tilney Shetlands sheep site (much to their embarrassment)