ENABLING Final Conference 13th November 2020

14 November, 2020 by

The ENABLING project final conference was held on 13th November 2020 online as part of Europe’s largest agritech event EIMA in Italy.  Martin Collison chaired the second session on work undertaken by ENABLING and George Collison chaired the third and final session, from Germany, on the ENABLING legacy and next steps for the bio-economy.

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Future Fens Adaptation webinar 16th October 2020

17 October, 2020 by

Martin Collison spoke in an event on the Future Fens Adaptation strategy on the 16th October 2020.  Martin spoke on the potential for improved water management to unlock economic growth in the Fens region, with a particular focus on the agri-food economy.  The Future Fens Adaptation strategy is working to develop a long term economic development plan for the Fens, based on addressing water supply and flood risks in a holistic way so that commercial, housing and infrastructure projects are enabled.

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Greater Lincolnshire LEP visit to Grimsby Seafood Cluster October 2020

14 October, 2020 by

On 13th October LEP Chair Pat Doody, Deputy Chair Sarah Louise Fairburn, Chief Executive Ruth Carver and agrifood advisor Martin Collison, visited the Humber Seafood Cluster with Lincolnshire County Council Chief Executive Debbie Barnes and Karen Seal of the Inward Investment team.

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Education in the Age of Industry 4.0: Industry- Academic Collaboration Conference 29th July 2019

1 August, 2019 by

Martin Collison spoke at the Education in the Age of Industry 4.0: Industry- Academic Collaboration Conference at the University of Lincoln on Monday 29th July 2019 on behalf of the EU SKIN project.  His topic was ‘Using Automation & Digitalisation to Create Higher Quality Jobs in the Food Chain’ and explored how automation will change the structure of food chains, the role of short food chains and what this means for job roles, workers and skills development.

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George Collison mission to Hunan, China May-June 2019

12 July, 2019 by

From early May to early July George Collison was based in Changsha, Hunan Province in China on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council and partners to explore the potential for agrifood, technology and related trade and exchange.

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ENABLING project event 2nd July 2019 Norwich Research Park

7 July, 2019 by

EU Enabling project partners Lynn and Tom Collison of Collison Associates (pictured on the left), worked with the Biovoices Project and the BioLadies Network to run a workshop on 2nd July 2019 at the John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, to look at the barriers and opportunities to develop new bio-based materials from crops.

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WRE Stakeholder Event Norfolk and Suffolk 1st July 2019

4 July, 2019 by

Water Resources East (WRE) held its firts major event in Norfolk and Suffolk on 1st July 2019 which attracted over 70 people from a wide range of organisations.  The event updated those atteding on WRE and asked for input about the priroities for water management in the region.  Delegates stressed the need for holistic water management at landscape scale and for water management to be given more support.  WRE is now working with a range of the organisations at the event to develop projects to demonstarte new approaches to water management.

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Bologna workshop on food chain automation 3rd and 4th June 2019

7 June, 2019 by

Martin Collison spoke on behalf of the EU SKIN project at the EFFAT and Food and Drink Europe workshop in Bologna, Italy on 3rd and 4th June 2019.  Martin’s subject was how changes in the food chain will impact on the jobs roles which need to be filled and specifically how digitalisation will change the food chain.  Martin called for a strategic, long term and holistic approach to digitalisation which delivered benefits for business, workers and the economy.

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ENABLING project meeting Dublin May 2019

3 June, 2019 by

Lynn and Tom Collison attended the ENABLING project meeting in Dublin on 28th and 29th May 2019 to look at innovation in the use of bio-based materials.  This included a visit to the TEAGASC Ashtown Campus to meet Dr Maria Hayes and her team who work on biomass valorisation.

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BBI JU Info Day in Brussels 12th April 2019

12 April, 2019 by

Martin Collison was one of four ENABLING project members who attended the EU Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) information day in Brussels on the 12th April.  The event brought together 700 people working on the bio-economy from Europe and launched BBI JU’s 2019 call for projects.

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