Cambridgeshire Fens Leader Hannam Wake Hub project launch 27th May 2017

1 June, 2017 by

The crowd at the opening of Hannam Wake Hub
Martin Collison, chairman of the Cambridgeshire Fens Leader group, was delighted to attend the opening of the new enlarged facilities at the Hannam Wake Hub near Ely which was supported by Leader funding.

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Short Food Chain Network (SKIN Project ) website goes live 28th February 2017

28 February, 2017 by

The Short Supply Chain Knowledge and Innovation Network (SKIN) project website has gone live.  The network is an EU Thematic Network focused on how we can reduce the number of steps in the food chain so that we both help consumers understand where their food comes from at the same time as helping primary producers (farmers and food processors) obtain a larger share of the final consumer value.  The network which was launched in November 2016 has initial funding for three years to collate and disseminate best practices from across Europe.  Collison and Associates are one of 20 partners in the network who will work with the food industry to promote short food chains.

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Launch of Greater Lincolnshire Water Management Plan 24th February 2017

27 February, 2017 by

Martin Collison was very pleased to sit on the panel for the launch of the Greater Lincolnshire Water Management Plan in Louth on 24th February 2017.  This ambitious 25 year plan seeks to unite water supply with flood management and innovative ways of working.  The full story is available at:

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Easton and Otley College and Barclays event on water management 16th February 2017

18 February, 2017 by

Martin Collison spoke at an event on how to secure water for agriculture at Easton and Otley College on 16th February, alongside Jean Spencer, Director of Anglian Water and Henry Leveson-Gower, Head of Water Abstraction at DEFRA.  Martin promoted the idea that we are not, contrary to popular opinion short of water, even in the dry East of England, but rather that we are short of water management having failed to invest enough in all aspects of water management over many decades.  He argued that we need to unite flood prevention and water supply and manage water at the landscape scale, applying new technology and innovation in relation to how we organise and manage water collaboratively.

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Evaluation of EIP Agri February 2017

17 February, 2017 by

Martin Collison welcomed the publication of the evaluation report on the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP Agri) on which Martin worked during 2016 for SQW in a project led by Coffey International.

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Grant success for PS and JE Ward

2 February, 2017 by

Collison and Associates helped PS and JE Ward develop a project supported by a £105k grant from the Eastern AgriTech Initiative to improve their productivity through upgrading their packing operations with a Furora robotic bunching line

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Project Foodie Prague January 2017

1 February, 2017 by

Lynn and Tom Collison attended EU project Foodie in Prague in January to participate in a hackathon on the use of data in the AgriFood supply chain.  Tom used his experience of practical farming and the use of data in supply chains to input to the debate on how to optimise the use of new technology systems to collect, analyse and disseminate data in supply chains.

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Successful bid for UK Space Agency IPP funding for Rezatec

27 January, 2017 by

Collison and Associates helped Rezatec Ltd a specialist earth observation and data analysis company develop a successful bid for UK Space Agency International Partnership Programme (IPP) funding to develop data analysis systems for crop production in Mexico.  Full details are at:

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January 2017 Making Smart Specialisation Smarter – the Case of AgriTech East

15 January, 2017 by

rA repot on how to make smart specialisation more focused on the sectoral level has been developed by the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) at Cambridge University for BIS.   Martin Collison acted as an editor on this report to support the IfM team.

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Big Food Debate in Grimsby 25th November 2016

30 November, 2016 by

Martin Collison was on the panel for the Big Food Debate held by Greater Lincolnshire LEP at Grimsby Institute on 25th November alongside James Truscott, MD of Branston, Greater Grimsby MP Melanie Onn, MP for Cleethorpes Martin Vickers and chaired by GLLEP Board Lead for Food Mark Tinsley.  A wide ranging debate covered issues including Brexit, labour supply, the future of food trade and innovation.

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